DirectAdmin Server Management

Are you looking for somebody to take care of your servers? Do you need to transfer your web hosting users to a new server? Do you want to get system software upgraded and tweaked?

We would be more than happy to assist you with any of these and even more complex tasks. Don’t waste hours and lose business due to downtime and recurring server issues, contact us today to hire a professional server administrator and get your server more secure than ever.


Outsourced Linux Administration

We offer several types of packages of services, so you could select the best deal for you. Click the box or price for more details on common tasks for each service.

✔ Hourly Support $135.00 NZD

Server support only when you need it. Get our system administrators to work on your servers on hourly bases.

✔ Flat-rate Tasks starting at $195.00 NZD / task

Paying a fixed price for a task ensures you won’t have to worry about either going over budget or controlling time usage.

✔ Monthly Management starting at $135.00 NZD / month

We take care of your Linux servers 24/7. Two different sets of packages are at your choice. No obligation, cancel anytime.


The Best Choice

Let yourself enjoy the moment you’re in, the place you are, and the things you’re doing. Let yourself enjoy the life you have right now. Let us care for your Linux boxes. Delegate server management to skilled professionals who like what they do. Contact us today to get the best deal on outsourced servers support.


Our Services

Here down below you can see a short list of what is included in our support packages:


We monitor services running on your server 24/7 to ensure that your server is effectively doing its job. All potential threats to stability are handled very quickly to minimise their business impact. If your server is over-stressed, we’ll know and fix it.

Emergency Services

Is your server down or does not boot? Critically important services fail? Worried about load spikes? Should you have an issue that needs to be resolved immediately – you are in the right place! Contact us now via text or email to get our assistance on a priority basis.

Server Optimisation

Is your slow site killing your business? Do usual tasks require more and more time to complete? Do not be in a hurry to change your hardware! We will help you to identify where bottlenecks are occurring, and optimise your server for a better performance.

Security Hardening

Don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose! Don’t wait until it’s too late. That’s smart to be proactive. We will enhance your server security and protection, and help you to reduce impacts of DDoS and HTTP Flood, BruteForce and SPAM attacks on your server.

Disaster Recovery

Has a hacker defaced your site? MySQL/MariaDB crashed? Is SPAM being sent out from your server? We can help you to get emails flowing again. Our admins will identify the root cause of an issue and fix it in short terms. Let our team bring your site back to life.

Initial Setup

Got a new server? We have an offer for you: let yourself enjoy your business, and we will take care of configuring your servers and installing all the needed software for you. We are fine both with virtual or bare metal (dedicated) servers running on CentOS/RedHat, Debian/Ubuntu, FreeBSD.

Server Migrations

Need to move sites to another server? Don’t risk downtime or data loss with server migrations. Let us do it for you! With our help, you can rest assured your users will be transferred with minimized or no downtime. Timely and professionally.

Software Upgrades

We update server software and system kernel to their latest stable releases in order to close security vulnerabilities that may have appeared in earlier revisions. We periodically tweak service configs and settings for stable and better performance.

For emergency contact, please email our live support team using the ‘contact us’ link above or call/text to +64-21-624-000 (you will expect a direct response during workdays in NZ local time, Mondays to Fridays 8 am to 5 pm.)

We are a team of professionals, and specialise in installation, configuring and managing of remote virtual and bare metal (dedicated) servers powered by Linux/Unix-like OS with DirectAdmin. We support various sets of software, including web-servers Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed; internet domain name servers Bind, mail-servers with POP3, IMAP and SMTP, FTP-servers, etc. After years of working through the most complex server challenges our team has gathered valuable experience and universal solutions suitable for everyday tasks. We are here to lend you a helping hand and take care of your servers in order to let you have enough time to do more of what you love.

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