Backup Terms & Guideline

Thank you for choosing IT Mate Cloud Backup Solution.

At IT Mate, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality service and support.

We therefore strongly recommend a regular data backup, including local backup and a trusted cloud-based backup service.

IT Mate will endeavour to ensure backups are configured correctly, scheduled and monitored as outlined in your contract; however, as per industry standards, we cannot take responsibility or accountability for data integrity, backed up or retrieval of data. Therefore, we strongly recommend checks and regular test restoration of data backups to ensure data integrity.

Here’s our strategic perspective regarding the importance of regular data backup. Your data is crucial to the operations of your business. It’s truly unique and cannot be insured. This includes contacts, sales records, proposals, account records, marketing material, business contracts, emails and even digital photos taken at important events, et cetera. These make up the most of your invaluable business assets, which cannot be replaced. Furthermore, there is no guarantee of data retrieval in the event of an IT system failure and inadequate backup service.

Companies without adequate IT data recovery policies are usually out of business within two years of a major disaster. At IT Mate, we work hard to minimise that risk for our clients. We provide comprehensive monitoring for early detection of problems to advert any issues and proactively develop a clear disaster recovery plan to manage risk to your data. Then, in the event of data loss, or disaster, we respond quickly and effectively to help get your business operational again.

All cloud backup data are stored with military-grade encryption, and in addition, unless otherwise specified, our standard cloud backup services are as follows:

  • Version control for up to eight versions and retained for up to 120 days.
  • Daily snapshot for your repository, and they’re kept for seven days.

If you have any questions regarding your backup service with us, please get in touch with our care line at 09 888 0444; alternatively, click here to reach us.

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